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We have forged relationships with trusted Ghanaian and International investment partners which gives as a unique opportunity to offer off-market property at a substantially competitive reduced price and rates from the open market. For property investors, working with Bestzon means always having the support and information you need. It’s about partnership and being able to count on active, expert help at every stage of your journey. That is, everything from the point of considering your first investment to building your property portfolio. Our properties has a unique and driven by customer demands from our markets research 

'The Bestzon Guaranteed Way' is about putting you firmly in control. You’ll get tailored support and accurate information – everything you need to make the best possible choices.  We’ll work at whatever pace to suit you and, crucially, we’ll be with you every step of the way. In simple terms ‘The Bestzon Way’ is about being clear, accurate and grounded in reality. It’s our role to find you rewarding investment opportunities that suit your needs, your budget and your timeframe.

Rental Income - Return on Investment We offer interest on deposit funds and assured rental returns for up to 10 years. In circumstances where your investment property is typically bought with our mortgage solutions our clients can enjoy an assured annual return on their investment from 10% to over 20%. In simple terms, if you are serious about your investment, then our investment packages cannot be matched by any standard from the open market.

What you can expect from us - 100% Customer Focused

We provide our clients the greatest possible security and peace of mind by offering:

  • Unrivalled client care throughout the investment and rental process

  • Unique off-market access to outstanding investment opportunities

  • Discounts of at least 10% from the open market 

  • Option to an assured and guaranteed fixed yields for up to 10 years 

  • Interest on deposited funds

  • Support at every stage of your transaction and beyond

  • Premium locations benefitting from high inward investment

  • Solid, practical, professional advice

  • Complete confidence in your investment

  • Strong and sustainable yields

Investment Team

Investment Team

At Bestzon, we aim to build long-term relationships with our investment partnerships. That is, whether you are just beginning to explore the buy-to-let business or whether you are a seasoned investor keen to expand your portfolio, we can give you the best help you will need. 


We have built an in-house team of specialists who are able to make the process as simple and rewarding as possible. Your transaction is as important to us as it is to you, and consequently the service you receive should reflect that. From our investment specialists, who will advise on the right opportunity for you, through to our progression team we are always on hand. 


Each client has a different level of investment expertise and we have the required expertise for dealing with all queries and eventualities, which meant our clients, will always get a prompt and honest response to your enquiry. 

We call it full-circle service. It helps clients to make well-informed decisions, to gain valuable experience, and to make secure and rewarding investments.



Bestzon’s  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Corporate Citizenship

As part of Bestzon’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) to self-regulate our business model and operations that helps our company to be socially accountable—to itself, it stakeholders and the general public, we are conscious of the kind of positive impact we want to have on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental.


Bestzon aims to achieve this positive corporate objective in the ordinary course of business through various activities including the provision of Scholarships and Graduate Trainee Programs for students and to support newly qualified students respectively to gain the required experience for the job market.


Bestzon believes our strong commitment to the community and the general public is equally valuable for our company as these effort will help forge a stronger bond between us and our valuable employees, boost morale, helps both employees and Bestzon to be more connected with the community and the world around us.

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Tel:         + 44 (0) 208 572 7473

               + 44 (0) 208 572 7433

Mobile: + 44 (0) 795 800 2295

             + 44 (0)  781  789   1717







You can also Contact us on WHATSAPP +233 54  978 7344

                   +233 24  341  0408

                   +233 24  497 5129

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Tel:          +233 (0) 30 255 8396

Mobile:   +233 (0) 54  978 7344

               +233 (0) 24  497 5129

               +233 (0) 24  681  0136

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