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Stress-free financing solutions for your new investment whether Buy-To-Let or Residential Investment.  Identifying the right property is vital, but so too is finding the right financing package. Choosing the wrong kind of financing or mortgage can spell the difference between failure and success, so let us help you ensure that the numbers add up.

Buy – To – Let Investments / Mortgages
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A mortgage is a serious commitment so we’ll support you at every stage, ensuring that you can make an intelligent, well-informed decision about which financing mechanism is best for you. We’ll take whatever time is needed to assess your situation, your personal objectives and the deals that are available to you.


We have in-house professional and qualified mortgage advisers who specialise in directing you to the right product and investment financing. They work solely with Bestzon clients and are expert in sourcing and arranging for the best investment financing and new mortgage deals and ensure our clients will have access to both local and international financing markets to enable our clients to have all the latest products with the best rate or cost of finance in relation to the open market. 

We work with our investment partners to ensure to support our client receive the required advice to make their investment financing decision as we are readily on-hand to advise and assist at every part of the process.  We work closely with Bestzon investment development partners who know exactly what is needed to ensure a smooth transaction. Our service is completely free service and we work with all the major local mortgage providers and international financial institutions to give you the most appropriate financing support for your new investment.

We work with many reputable mortgage banks and Institutional investors whose services we’ve evaluated and who we know from experience will deliver sound, competitive products and great customer support both in the in the local and overseas countries. We have established networks of specialist mortgage banks and consultants whose job it is to secure the best possible deal for our clients.

Full Investment Cycle

Full Investment Cycle

At Bestzon, we aim to build long-term relationships with our investment partnerships. That is, whether you are just beginning to explore the buy-to-let business or whether you are a seasoned investor keen to expand your portfolio, we can give you the best help you will need. We have built an in-house team of specialists who are able to make the process as simple and rewarding as possible. Your transaction is as important to us as it is to you, and consequently the service you receive should reflect that. From our investment specialists, who will advise on the right opportunity for you, through to our progression team we are always on hand. 


Each client has a different level of investment expertise and we have the required expertise for dealing with all queries and eventualities, which meant our clients, will always get a prompt and honest response to your enquiry. 

We call it full-circle service. It helps clients to make well-informed decisions, to gain valuable experience, and to make secure and rewarding investments.

  1. Initial Discussion

The process always starts with a discussion. To enable us work effectively, we need to understand your circumstances, your budget and your attitudes to risk which will strategically inform our careful professional advice for the chosen opportunities.

Whether it’s in person or over the phone, we will develop a clear picture of exactly what you want to achieve and that will create the foundation for everything that follows.


  1. Identify Opportunities

Once we know your objectives, we can start to match them with carefully chosen opportunities. We have exclusive relationships with our investment partners so no-one else will be able to offer you these investment opportunities, the early nature that we are involved in projects meant we can deliver the best opportunities.


This is a crucial phase, and our diligent research is essential. Before we recommend anything to you, we would have:


• Studied the local property market and the local economy

• Filter out anything that incurs unnecessary risk

• Identify any important investor benefits, such as pre-market discounts and assured tenancy agreements


In short, we do everything necessary to identify high-yielding investment opportunities that minimise risk and all our client’s needs.


  1. Legal and Financial Solutions

Choosing the right financing solution can make all the difference to the security and profitability of your investment. That’s why we have our own professional qualified mortgage brokers. These consultants are completely independent and through their network of specialists has access to the whole buy-to-let opportunities and residential mortgage market. As a result, you can count on:


• Clear, impartial advice

• Introductions to reputable lenders

• Ready access to the best rates and products

• Hands-on support with all the associated paperwork


We can further introduce you to a trusted panel of solicitors, whom we know from experience will offer effective and affordable support. We will happily work with our client’s preferred trusted legal expert, but there are advantages to using our panel of members. For example, they will be briefed on all our properties in advance, so they would have conducted all the required and necessary searches including due diligence by the time you appoint them. No other solicitor will be in a position to do this, so using one of our ‘panel’ solicitors could make the exchange process considerably faster as well as saving you money.


  1. Client Care

During the process we will ensure you are kept fully aware of the completions progress together with the build updates. You will receive monthly updates on the build progress of your development, reassuring you that we are on target and on time.


Our office team will check on all the relevant legal processes so deadlines are adhered to, queries are answered and the process runs as smoothly as possible. If problems do arise, we will endeavour to raise these with you immediately and work to gain a suitable solution.


  1. Rental Management Support  (Buy – To – Let Investment Partners ONLY)

Our Specialist Property Management Investment Partners are specialists in providing full rental management support for Bestzon Investment Partners’ developments and clients. The aim is to alleviate all risk and concerns encountered by landlords typically what they have to consider before committing to a rental agreement with a potential tenant to ensure your investment property delivers everything that it should about it intended objectives.


They take care of Securing Tenants, Managing the Building, Receiving Payment and ensuring that all Legal and Compliance obligations are adhered to. By using our Specialist Property Management Investment Partners you will receive the security of a local presence at the site to address any issues or problems that may arise and pay an assured rental return every month.


This assured rental return pays an agreed gross return on the same date every month regardless of the occupation of the property for the full term of the agreement. All properties under Our Specialist Property Management Investment Partners are covered by a professional insurance. Our Specialist Property Management Investment Partners will take out insurance on all tenants to cover any loss of income through the rare occurrence when a tenant does not make a payment, this minimises all risk. Full details of the services offered by our Specialist Property Management Investment Partners will be made available upon request.


  1. Further Acquisitions – Building Own Property Portfolio

On the back of a successful first investment, you might want to consider expanding your property portfolio. If so, Bestzon will be here readily available to help you take your next steps.


The process is simple: essentially, the ‘full investment cycle service’ just starts again. Having reviewed your existing investments and any changes to your budgets or objectives, we'll match your needs with the most appropriate investment properties on the market. As ever,  we will be on hand to offer advice and information, and generally support you in your continuing investment journey.


  1. Resale Service

Most of our clients go on to become lifelong investors, but should you ever wish to sell a property, we can certainly assist you with that. We can help you find a buyer in a timescale that suits your needs, while also guiding you through the necessary paperwork.

Your Investment Process


Debt Investors – Return on Investment (ROI) 

Institutional Fund Mangers


For institutional fund managers, private individual investors who are interested in investing Provision of Debt Finance required in financing Bestzon development investment projects for a secured and guaranteed return of your investments, Bestzon have a robust system place which is designed to secure and ring-fenced your investment for the preferred specific intended project as per the terms of the agreed arrangement between parties. 


All investors interested in Debt Financing Bestzon Investment Projects will obtain 100% guarantee for every fund of Debt Finance provided including all the required return on their investment as per the agreed terms of the arrangement between Bestzon and the specific Debt Investor.      


Mortgage Financing Investors


Firstly, you’ll have a strategic consultation with one of our expert Property Investment Consultants. During this consultation our consultant will help you to decide which property investment suits you best based on your personal circumstance and requirements. 


Bestzon will then ask for a payment of 10% of the cost of your proposed investment which will reserve your unit and take it off the market. This non-refundable payment then begins the process of your acquisition.

Once this payment has cleared, you will receive your Welcome Pack which will include all the documentation you need, your reservation form and receipt. Our Sales Progression team will now contact you to introduce themselves. The property will then be marketed as ‘Reserved or Sale Agreed’.


The standard period from reservation to exchange is 28 days. Most of our clients use a solicitor from our recommended panel of Bestzon Investment Partners as they are used to these transactions and will have done all the necessary due diligence on the property you are purchasing many times before. You will be required to provide any documentation that is then required. The solicitor will deal with the legal exchange of your unit.


On exchange, you will be required to pay a further 25% of the purchase price. Following exchange the building construction will continue to progress and you will receive monthly updates so you can see each stage of your new investment being completed. Although during the period between exchange and completion our client care team would not usually be in touch to often they are available to answer any questions you may have , please feel free to call or email in.


Approximately 3-4 months before the building is completed we will contact you and start the process needed for you to arrange the balance of monies owed.


When the building has achieved Practical Completion, the developer and consultation with Bestzon will require the Full and Final payment and it normally takes one calendar month for the balance to be paid. 


Once the outstanding balance of 65% is paid you are now become the legal owner of your property investment!

Pain Free Property Investment - A Buy-To-Let Investment 


A buy-to-let investment will only be profitable if it delivers a regular rental income. Healthy tenancies are therefore crucial. With this in mind, Bestzon offers a range of safeguards and assurances.


Safeguards and Assurance Solution


Most of the Bestzon Investment Partners clients had always chosen Bestzon rental assurance as their preferred option, this means that once the property is tenant ready rent is assured for the agreed period, this takes away the risk of voids or unpaid rent as well as the inconvenience of dealing with tenants.


Bestzon will work with rental specialists Investment Management Partners who are experts in all areas of rental building management. Our specialists Investment Management Partners takes care of all aspects of tenant finding, rental collection and building management. Our investment properties are always located in areas of strong rental demand, and we rarely have void periods or unpaid rent. If this occasion were to arise, we have safeguarded against this with range of guarantees and assurances. Our specialists Investment Management Partners undertakes a rigorous tenancy check and, in’ addition to this, take out insurance to cover the unlikely event that a tenant does not pay.


Rental Management


For an agreed percentage of the rental income between you and our rental specialists Investment Management Partner, our management partner will take care of rental collection, bill payments and routine maintenance. Their team work on all Bestzon developments and are frequently onsite to ensure all is well with the property and tenants.


This managed option meant you don’t normally need to become involved in day-to-day operations or upkeep, making it a stress-free ‘armchair investment’.

For more details about tenancy assurance, or if you have any questions about developing a property investment strategy, please get in touch.



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